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The world of sales has forever changed, especially now that with the click of a button price comparisons are right at customers’ fingertips. Digital tools now provide sales teams with in-depth data on individual customer preferences and behaviors. This kind of information has changed the way customers buy and companies sell.

Join us live on October 13th at 8:00 am PDT/3:00 pm GMT for Sink or Sell: Rethink how you connect with customers. Industry leaders will explore the latest sales innovations and insights on building lasting relationships with your current and potential customers.

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During this episode we will take a deep dive into the world of sales with two top professionals in the industry:

Mathieu Loury, Senior Vice President and Group Head of Global Merchant Solutions for MasterCard, will share how getting smart about shoppers today is paramount to your success.

Mick Hollison, Chief Marketing Officer of, will give us a look into the most common oversights sellers make and what they can do to transform those into successes.

We’ll also take a look at how some of Microsoft’s latest innovations, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Cortana, are enabling sellers to be more effective than ever before.

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Sink or Sell: Rethink how you connect with customers

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