Aluminum Manufacturer Sapa Group Maintains Efficiency through Expansion

Norway-based Sapa Group is an international aluminum manufacturer, creating and distributing products like automotive parts and energy-efficient building materials.

With over 20,000 employees working in 40 countries, to say their operations are extensive is an understatement. Through rapid expansion and numerous global acquisitions, the Sapa Group has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. The group grew quickly through acquisitions and ended up with multiple ERP Systems spanning over 100 locations across the globe that were inefficient and costly to manage. The company was seeking a new, company-wide ERP system that was flexible and customizable enough to meet their unique and evolving needs

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX, the Sapa Group was able to consolidate and retire legacy ERP solutions previously used within the company. With everything running together in one place, Sapa Group is able to maintain productivity and service while providing reliable distribution of goods to customers in the building, transport, engineering and telecom industries.

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