Dynamics 365 Adaptability

Purpose-built, productive, intelligent and adaptable: these are the four core capabilities that deliver the best business outcomes for Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers today. These are also the core capabilities that are helping our customers to digitally transform and develop new business models for the future.
So let’s talk about one of the capabilities that’s most important to our customers’ continued and future success: adaptability. One way that Dynamics 365 facilitates adaptability is through a variety of extensibility scenarios that ensure our cloud solution works not just to meet the needs of any business, but to meet the specific needs of your business.

For example, companies that have a formal sales business process could easily configure our out-of-the box sales business process, reducing Time-to-Value (TtV) while maximizing business value.  We provide tooling that allow you to rapidly configure or create custom business processes, integrations, process automation, and in-house LOB apps that add to your existing Dynamics 365 experience.

In this video, I've explained how this adaptability gives you a lot more flexibility and options in terms of how you can configure and extend Dynamics 365, whether you are focused on optimizing your business processes, or adding custom business logic.  We walk through two extensibility scenarios here – one for power users (simple) where I configure a sample sales business process – and another for developers (advanced) where I extend the sales business process with custom business logic using a custom workflow built in Visual Studio to do a credit check. 
We also demonstrate how you can do more with the data stored in Dynamics 365 and the Common Data Model to create a custom in-house Line of Business (LOB) app that can also capture data to further enhance your system of intelligence using PowerApps and Azure functions. 

The most exciting part is that these are just a few adaptability examples that could just as easily apply to other Line of Businesses – and there are so many more. By breaking down the traditional barriers between CRM and ERP, Dynamics 365 gives organizations the intelligence they need not just to change and evolve their processes in real-time for greater benefit – but to discover, develop and collaborate on new business models to accelerate digital transformation.


We hope you’re as excited as we are about the possibilities. Check out this video to learn more and make sure you visit our public roadmap site to learn about our upcoming features.