Breaking down business silos with the power of social media

The need for a quick and easy flow of information from front to back office and vice-versa is key to a successful digital transformation—to best serve customers, businesses must work to break down silos. In a crucial piece of every digital transformation, organizations must engage those customers by eliminating not just the silos between business units, but silos between businesses and those customers, too.

More than ever before, social media has empowered organizations to bridge that gap. Outgoing social posts can create a consistent line of communication with customers and community members, and bringing social data into an organization, across different business units, provides insights that enable anyone to keep a customer-centric mindset while maintaining a 360-degree view of the market.

Dynamics 365 customer hhpberlin is doing just that – bringing in insights from social media and using them to:

  • generate new opportunities
  • stay informed about their market and customers
  • deliver better customer service

hhpberlin, a leading global engineering firm for fire protection and life safety, describe themselves as having “weird, passionate views” about fire safety, determined to lead the way in their field. It’s no surprise that with that passion for brilliant customer solutions and agile thinking, the organization has embraced social to maintain their industry-leading position. They’re so excited about how social has improved their business results, they’ve created a short video that showcases exactly how social has transformed their marketing and sales processes. 

“Real selling is understanding what a customer needs…now!” 

Watch the video to see how hhpberlin is breaking down the silos between Sales and Marketing, as well as breaking down the external silos between business and customer, with Microsoft Social Engagement, a part of Dynamics 365. Using capabilities like the Social Selling Assistant, their team is able to build seller credibility, connect with customers, and stay informed with a 360-degree view of their marketplace. Now, says Truthӓn, new business is just a tweet away.