Achieving Greater Business Productivity with PowerApps

The advances in productivity that modern enterprise software has brought to business users have always been tempered by the limits of standard software to meet industry-specific, geographically-specific, or individual company-specific requirements. This requirement, typified by the concept of “last mile” functionality, has only increased in recent years.

Historically, the solution taken by most organizations in their quest for the “last mile” was a high degree of customization. While customization can fill in the gaps, custom apps are typically expensive to develop and expensive to maintain.

In this webinar, hear from enterprise application analyst Josh Greenbaum, as he looks at how Dynamics 365 customers are leveraging PowerApps to achieve success in:

  • filling the “last mile” gap in productivity
  • enabling greater business user empowerment
  • increasing speed and ease of development
  • leveraging existing data and applications resources
  • gathering more data and delivering faster analysis to make better decisions

In addition, you’ll also see PowerApps in action with a demo from Luis Camino, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft.

For customers and partners looking to achieve greater productivity in the enterprise, this webinar is for you.

Learn how PowerApps can improve your business productivity