Essential Dynamics 365 resources to help you with GDPR compliance

Microsoft is committed to the security and privacy of customer data—ours and yours. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective May 25, 2018, is another opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to protect and enable the privacy rights of individuals while helping to ensure our Dynamics customers are ready to meet their GDPR requirements and obligations.

To help you meet GDPR requirements, we encourage you to attend our May 25 webinar, Safeguarding individual privacy rights with the Microsoft Cloud, and explore the wealth of GDRP compliance tools and resources designed to help ensure your Dynamics 365 activities are compliant.

Access Dynamics 365 and GDPR resources

Take a moment to visit the Dynamics 365 GDPR resource page, and be sure to bookmark it and check back often—we’re constantly refreshing the tools, resources, and articles to help accelerate your compliance efforts.

Our series of white papers outline the details of the GDPR and propose a strategic approach that spans the entire Dynamics application portfolio. Whether you’re running Dynamics on-line or on-premises, these resources can provide insight and methods for enhancing your data protection practices and help meet your GDPR obligations. They highlight the various ways we support different elements across the GDPR—including how we respond to Data Subject Requests (DSRs) with the new search capabilities of our Relevance Search and Person Search Reports, or how you can control who in your organization has access to what information.

Learn about the new cross-Microsoft Cloud services solution, Compliance Manager, designed to help your business navigate complicated security and compliance issues like GDPR. Compliance Manager is a useful tool that assesses the state of your compliance—identifying and offering solutions to risks and issues you might not be aware you are facing. It delivers insight, recommends actions, and details step-by-step guidance to meet GDPR requirements. You can see for yourself how Compliance Manager works here.

Access a list of blog articles from Microsoft subject matter experts covering the very latest GDPR and privacy compliance issues, updates, and topics. And download eBooks that provide deeper knowledge of essential GDPR topics—get started with the Microsoft’s Journey to Compliance eBook and GDPR and Data Governance Interactive eBook.

Beyond white papers and new information on Compliance Manager, you’ll find a host of additional content in the form of FAQs, security reports, risk assessment tools, etc. We’ve provided more detailed data protection resources across every Dynamics 365 solution—from Customer Service to Talent to Finance and Operations. They dive deeper into a range of topics, from implementing security measures to enforcing your organization’s data access policies to limiting who has access to what data. Check back frequently as the details of our capabilities and functionality get continuously updated as new features and functionalities are introduced to combat ever-evolving threats.

Attend the webinar

If you’re serious about meeting all of your GDPR requirements, don’t miss our May 25 webcast, Safeguarding individual privacy rights with the Microsoft Cloud. Join several Microsoft executives including Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, as they will show how you can use GDPR fundamentals to assess and manage your compliance risk, discuss how you can help protect your customers’ data with built-in, intelligent security capabilities, and cover how you can meet your own compliance obligations by streamlining your processes. Register today to receive notifications and updates about the webinar.

Committed to privacy and security

Digital transformation has provided businesses with so many new opportunities. It has also introduced an ever-increasing volume of attack vectors. That’s why your modern business applications have to work; they have to be secure and evolve with changing threats. At Microsoft, we take that promise seriously, and want to arm all of our customers and partners with the tools they need to succeed. These resources will help you excel across your privacy efforts leading up to the GDPR deadline and beyond.