Painless, personalized, and pretty cool. See how offers get done with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract

Now available in public preview: Offer Management with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract!


Presenting an offer to the candidate after a successful round of interviews is arguably the highest emotional point in a candidate’s journey and can consume a lot of internal resources. Timing is paramount to lock in the candidate before a competitor does. The offer needs to be made quickly and the candidate needs to easily view and accept the offer.  Now, Dynamics 365 has a solution that enables Recruiters and Hiring Managers to collaboratively generate offers and provide to candidates, all from within the Attract hiring workflow.

Some of the key features of the Offer Management capability include:

  • Configurable templates
  • Collaborative offer creation and approval
  • Seamless candidate experience


Create custom templates to speed up the offer process 


Creating an offer is a complex task because of the need to use legally approved verbiage and unique, candidate-specific data like name, role, and salary. This process can be streamlined by creating reusable offer templates. Once the offer template content has been approved, users can further configure the templates by adding offer data like candidate name, job name, salary, and more. You can define your own set of offer data fields and use them in your offer templates.

We noticed it’s common practice to collect offer values first and then work on an actual document, we optimize this process and save you time since you can view your actual offer document as you go along in the process of filling in your offer data fields. When creating an offer using a template with these embedded data fields, the system automatically populates the values that it already knows. This allows offer creators can turn their focus to populating the unknown values, saving an incredible amount of time for both offer creation and approval.



Create and approve offers as a team to ensure compliance 


To ensure compliance within the organization’s standards, offer creators can now easily send the offer for approval to necessary team members. Offers typically require several edits before it’s ready to be sent to the candidate. Offer Management allows users to track how the offer has evolved from start to finish. Once done, publish the offer to the candidate–don’t forget to include that friendly welcome note for your candidate!



Seamless mobile first Candidate Experience


Offer management is now integrated within the Attract candidate experience. Now, candidates have an intuitive way to view their offer, accept and sign or decline, all from within their application dashboard– no more back-and-forth emails and phone calls! After a candidate responds to an offer, the recruiter may choose to respond with a more competitive offer or look at other candidates in the pipeline.



Try it Today!


Get started by enabling these public preview features. If you aren’t using Attract, try it out using our free 60-day trial. From Attract, configure your job templates to enable the offer management solution.  

We have an exciting set of features lined up in the coming weeks and we look forward to hearing some great feedback from our Attract community on how we can improve our overall offer experience and processes.