Drive demand with account-based marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) can increase engagement, deal sizes, and conversions if it’s deployed for the right accounts at the right time. The challenge many organizations face is knowing how to customize an approach with the mix of ABM and broad-based demand strategies and tactics.

In a new webinar, Jonathan Tam from SiriusDecisions joined me to explore the SiriusDecisions Demand Spectrum, a methodology that helps organizations determine and deliver the right approaches to drive their demand marketing engine, and the three key elements that determine which approach is most appropriate for your company.

Watch the webinar  to see examples of the requirements for each stage of the Demand Spectrum below and learn how you can evaluate your own company to come up with a demand strategy.

Element #1: Available account insights

Is your demand creation focus driven by market information with a broad concentration, or do you have strong account insights that allow your organization to develop and execute on specific account plans?

Understanding the current depth of information within your accounts is the first step in evaluating your demand approach. The level of account insights provides key information that ultimately dictates what demand activities your organization will look to drive.

Element #2: Sales and marketing joint engagement

The most effective approach to driving demand is with jointly engaged sales and marketing teams. If your organization lacks collaboration, you may find yourself unprepared when approaching new customers or trying to plan activities around demand creation.

Insight from marketing is imperative for the sales team to be most effective, so for account-based marketing to be viable, there must be a willingness for sales and marketing to engage in joint planning and execution of activities at the account level.

Element #3: Account-specific customization

Customizing the approach that you take with different accounts can lead to greater success both internally and externally. Understanding the different factors of customization will help you determine your organization’s opportunities and capabilities within demand creation.

The more you can customize these different factors, the better prepared your marketing and sales teams will be to drive the execution of the demand creation approach. Not all accounts require the same level of customization, and tailoring your approach correctly will lead to more success.

Watch the webinar: Driving demand with account-based marketing

Tune into the webinar to learn about the SiriusDecisions Demand Spectrum and how to determine what demand approach is most appropriate for your company. You’ll also see some examples of demand analysis, as well as how Dynamics 365 for Marketing can help you increase your demand with account-based marketing.

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