Extending Dynamics 365 to accelerate partner revenue

If you’re a partner led organization that depends on indirect channels as one of the primary business growth drivers, choosing the right partner engagement relationship management solution is the key to drive scale. The average partner program contains a number of distinct components. With partner solutions such as partner relationship management (PRM) and Ecosystem Cloud, alliance managers can manage complex solution sales across multiple vendors and service partners to drive revenue, reduce time to market, and minimize the effort of project management and coordination. Alliance managers and partner facing roles can in turn focus on driving sales processes and managing partner relationships.

95% of Microsoft’s commercial revenue flows directly through our partner ecosystem. More than 7,500 partners join that ecosystem every month and it is these partners that empower Microsoft to achieve more as they are often closer to our customers.

We’re excited to share that with our newly announced partnership with two of the best in class channel management application vendors, Impartner and WorkSpan, Dynamics 365 for Sales customers can now accelerate revenue faster with partners. Learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics partners with Impartner and WorkSpan below.


Impartner and Microsoft have joined forces to energize your channel. Now, you can extend the sales process and pipeline visibility that you have for your direct sales team in Dynamics 365 for Sales to your partners with the Impartner partner relationship management solution. The Impartner PRM platform provides a large selection of turnkey modules to configure your PRM to match the needs of your channel. Some highlights include:

  • Manage indirect sales with the same level of insight and scrutiny that is traditionally used to manage direct sales – Rather than relying on quarterly business reviews, channel sales teams and their indirect sales partners can communicate and pass critical deal information back and forth through the portal on a 24×7 basis. Crack open the black box of channel sales and remove the surprise of revenue production (or the lack thereof) from the indirect channel. Our customers can not only see their channel pipeline, they can now report and manage it all from within Dynamics 365.
  • Provide indirect sales partners with a single login experience to access all enablement tools to make them effective – Impartner makes it easy for partners to manage leads and opportunities, request and use co-operative marketing funds, get trained and certified on product offerings, get updates on business goals and incentives, and much more,  all through a perfectly personalized portal experience that matches your branding specifications.
  • Bring process and discipline to the indirect sales channel – Impartner provides a unified set of analytics and management tools that seamlessly align with the Microsoft suite of tools traditionally used to manage the direct sales channel. Learn how the collaboration between Microsoft and Impartner offers new ways indirect sales teams can more effectively engage with partners.

Dynamics 365 partner pipeline dashboard.

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The integration between WorkSpan and Dynamics 365 enables collaboration and closer alignment of sales motions between Dynamics customers’ internal sales teams and partner teams. Sales teams have greater trust in their partner teams that can lead to better sales velocity and increased revenues from partnerships. With WorkSpan Ecosystem Cloud, enterprises can orchestrate multi-partner and partner-to-partner sales motions, and deliver end-to-end offerings to enable the best customer experiences. This new integration gives Dynamics 365 customers:

  • Opportunities in Dynamics that are seamlessly synced to WorkSpan. New partner opportunities,  opportunity products, and updates to these joint opportunities in Dynamics are automatically synced to WorkSpan. In WorkSpan, enterprises can securely share critical opportunity data with partners and ensure that the right partner activities are triggered by the sales stage.
  • Real-time view of the partner engagement and contribution, from within Dynamics. Sales teams in Dynamics will be able to see a view of the progress of the joint opportunity in WorkSpan. They can also see the partner activities and contribution on the deal like customer meetings, development of collateral and  point of contact, and engage directly with the partner teams to accelerate the deal.

Access WorkSpan from within Dynamics 365 for Sales

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Check out how Impartner and WorkSpan help innovate and grow your partner channels.

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Solutions such as PRM and Ecosystem Cloud are available at the Microsoft AppSource today.