Conversation intelligence is now available in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Today we’re excited to announce the next evolution of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, making our Sales Insights application generally available. Our vision for Dynamics 365 Sales Insights is to augment every customer interaction, sales activity, and business decision with intelligence. This empowers sellers and managers closest to the problem by leveraging AI as a core ingredient in enhancing, not replacing, the capabilities of sales teams. With the addition of conversation intelligence in the Sales Insights application, organizations will use this knowledge to optimize sales calls at scale and gain critical business insights.

Conversation intelligence in Dynamics 365 Sales Insights showing what customers are talking about.

Inside sales teams are growing faster than any other part of the sales organization. While many organizations have already amassed large volumes of call recordings, most are not deriving any value from these interactions, despite the tremendous potential. In today’s resource-constrained environment, extracting value from existing data is vital for profitable growth. By leveraging Microsoft’s recent advancements in AI and natural language processing, conversation intelligence automatically extracts the insights needed to close deals and identify new opportunities for your inside sales team such as:

  • What conversation techniques actually work?
  • Which sellers need coaching right now?
  • Which products/services are trending up?
  • What competitors should we pay attention to?

By automatically transcribing calls and analyzing content and sentiment, conversation intelligence provides answers. Sellers can effectively guide buyers toward a purchase using proven conversation techniques and managers can make better operational and strategic decisions.

If you’re not already capturing call recordings, our partnership with Red Box, a leading voice recording provider, can help you get started. Learn more about conversation intelligence in this post.

Last year when we launched Dynamics 365 Sales Insights (previously AI for Sales), we harnessed the power of AI to streamline work, freeing up sellers from time-consuming, routine tasks like data entry and tracking email communications. In subsequent releases, we enabled sellers to build relationships through personalized engagement. Contextual insights revealed the best leads and opportunities, the next best actions to move relationships forward, and the customers who need attention. With AI playing an increasingly important role in sales, we will continue to collaborate closely with our customers to bring to market pre-built and flexible AI solutions that enable sales teams to adapt and thrive.

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