Announcing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Insights – Now in preview

I’m thrilled to introduce a new analytics application in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 portfolio which gives organizations real-time visibility into how customers use their products or services. Called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Insights, the application is for enterprises that design, build, manage, or service connected products and services with intermediated software. Dynamics 365 Product Insights helps you take actions in the moment to move from simply conducting transactions to delivering rich, ongoing customer relationships. You can sign up for the preview today.

Rising customer expectations creates the need to know your customers more deeply than ever before, and to respond to their needs more fully.

Innovations in customer service have introduced an entirely new dimension of connected experiences. Organizations are striving to make that experience as consistent as possible. Customers today want companies they do business with to “get them” and provide personalized service, whether they’re in a B2B or B2C world. They want fast responsiveness to any request, and for their orders to be shipped promptly. If they opt for self-service support, they want it to feel high-touch, almost human.
At Microsoft, we want to empower you to meet all these expectations, and more. That’s why we’re introducing Dynamics 365 Product Insights. To empower every organization to build the most comprehensive view of their customers and how customers are using their products.

Digitally transform the entire customer journey through the use of product telemetry.

Dynamics 365 Product Insights provides you with real-time visibility into your connected physical product and digital experiences by collecting signals and acquiring a live stream of data for real-time analysis. As a result, you can monitor and learn from customer interactions in the moment, and proactively deliver more personalized and responsive end-to-end customer experiences. With capabilities designed for business users, anyone in your organization can make data-informed decisions, without requiring specialized data science knowledge or coding skills. You can pursue new upsell, partnership, and subscription opportunities that drive revenue by adding connected data to products and services.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Insights brings value to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to provide a more complete understanding of the customer.

At Microsoft, we’re always looking for ways to maximize the lifetime value of your customers. Earlier this year we introduced Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, which unifies your disparate data to provide a single, 360-degree view of customer data. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights reveals who your customers are and what they want. Dynamics 365 Product Insights shows how they use your products. When used together, they help you deliver a much more engaging experience as well as discover new ways to provide value.

Dynamics 365 Product Insights leverages the AI and machine-learning components of Azure AI with the customer data platform (CDP) elements of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to help you better engage with your customers and transform your product development, sales, and support.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 Product Insights and try it for yourself by using our preview.
Screenshot of public preview view

Virtual Launch Event for a closer look at Dynamics 365 Product Insights

We invite you to attend our Virtual Launch Event on Thursday, October 10th streaming live at 8:00 am Pacific time, then on-demand, for a look at Dynamics 365 Product Insights and all the other new innovations coming to market. Be sure to register for updates and reminders leading up to the event.