Bring the future of finance into focus at Finance Reimagined 2022

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Data is everywhere chief financial officers (CFOs) look these days. Senior finance leaders have more data in front of them than ever before—with insights to drive financial growth, disrupt sales, and transform customer experiences often hiding in plain sight. All the while, the roles of finance leaders are evolving. Once economic guardians, they’re now being called on to take their data and drive digital transformation across business models—financial, operational, and organizational.

To maximize their data’s value and thrive in the face of change, finance teams need to bring the future into focus. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to Finance Reimagined, a digital event on February 23 for forward-thinking CFOs and senior finance leaders. Register now for the Finance Reimagined event for an inside look at the latest CFO trends transforming finance, with strategic guidance for senior leaders who want to understand the forces shaping their future. 

See what’s ahead for finance-first innovation

Finance Reimagined is different than other CFO events, with its exclusive content on financial analysis and reporting, strategy and forecasting, business process automation, and compliance and risk management. You’ll discover the best practices and top priorities that leading CFOs are thinking about and have a chance to ask your questions about the future of finance during the live Q&A chat. We’ve lined up experts from Microsoft, industry changemakers, and sessions from EY, PwC, and Accenture to help you:

  • Adapt quickly: Business as usual has fundamentally changed—at unprecedented speeds. The ability to adapt fast is now a competitive edge and differentiated value to customers. Learn how to build agility into your company’s DNA by understanding the trends defining tomorrow—so you’re ready to maintain core financial processes, modify business models, and reinvent experiences as market dynamics shift.
  • Align teams: Business model transformation requires you to look past your current financial constructs and rethink how you operate. Find out how to automate time-intensive tasks and break down silos around your data—across financial management, project services, and customer’s experiences.
  • Accelerate growth: Keeping pace with business change means staying ahead of customer expectations. See how insights and AI continuously help improve financial performance—so you can bring clarity to complex questions, make sense of infinite amounts of data, and deal with increasing risk and regulations.

Think like a futurist with special guest Amy Webb

You’ll also hear from keynote speaker Amy Webb on the strategies senior finance leaders can borrow from the futurist’s toolbox. Drawing lessons from her bestselling book, “The Signals Are Talking,” Webb—a quantitative futurist and advisor to senior leaders at central banks, intergovernmental organizations, and global brands—will talk about how to rethink risk, embrace disruption, and know when to act. She’ll also share future scenarios of emerging technologies to help you forecast what’s next and start creating a stronger future today.

Embrace reinvention to define your future

Finance leaders like you have shown plenty of tenacity and resilience over the past few years, helping to lead the way for their partners and teams. At Finance Reimagined, you’ll see how Microsoft customers are empowering finance-first innovation with a digital transformation platform that helps them adapt faster, align resources, and accelerate growth. Topics we’ll cover include:

  • How to lead your modern finance team to pivot fast and focus on new areas.
  • The ways a subscription economy is changing the way we think about business models.
  • How to redesign and motivate your team to work with new stakeholders and reporting.
  • Five essential strategies to optimize financial and operating models.
  • How to drive outcomes by connecting insights and understanding performance indicators.

Register today to attend Finance Reimagined for your look ahead to the emerging trends and essential insights defining how tomorrow’s businesses will thrive. We hope to see you there.

Finance Reimagined

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 
9:00 to 11:30 AM Pacific Time