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I’m posting this blog so as to clarify the position of Multi-lingual support for Microsoft CRM from product prospective.

Current Status

Microsoft Dynamics CRM V3.0 although is available in 22 languages, there is no multi-lingual User Interface Support. That means that single Microsoft Dynamics CRM V3 cannot support multiple languages UI within the same installation, nor there exist any work around to support the same in the current version available in the market.

Future versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We (from the Product Development team) understand the need to have Multi-lingual User Interface Support for future versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our customers, our partners and our colleagues in the field have been loud and clear on requesting this feature. We’re considering this feature in the future versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  

Some of the functionalities of Multi-lingual User Interface Support which are being thought through can be summarized as follows –

·         Have language specific Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) Packs which can be installed both for the Server and Outlook Client on any language edition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For example, you can install French MUI Packs on the English edition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as well as on any other language edition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Absolutely no restrictions.

·         Users can choose the language in which they want to view the UI and Online Help. Post selection of languages, the User Interface, any out-of-the-box data (shipped with Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and Online Help will be displayed in the corresponding language.

·         Users can select their locale upon which the number, currency, date and time formats will be displayed in the user defined formats. No more users will be restricted to view all number, currency, date and time in one single format as currently supported.

·         Customizations can be done in the base language, however System Customizers will have an ability to translate the customizations in any other language. Hence, customizations can be viewed in different languages within the same Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

·         System Administrators and users will be able to author and manage templates and reports in multiple languages.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on some of the high level functionalities.

Sudip Roy

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