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Not so long ago I had the UNIQUE opportunity of presenting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to a large audience where the presentation tool could not facilitate a live demo.  In order to conduct this demo I had to create a PowerPoint presentation containing screen shots to demonstrate each aspect of the CRM application (Outlook integration, Marketing, Sales, Service and Reporting).  It took 65 slides to cover the modules and replicate my typical 1 hour functionality demo.

When I received requests for CRM screen shots I posted this presentation to the CRM Online Team Blog with a download link.

This PowerPoint presentation of CRM Online consisted of screen shots for a webinar with no live demonstration capabilities. In this presentation I walk through each aspect of the Microsoft CRM application:

  • Outlook Integration
    • Menu Bar
    • Toolbar
    • View in CRM
    • Set Parent
    • View Parent
    • Synchronization
    • CRM Online Web Folders
  • Marketing
    • Campaign Management
    • Campaign Planning
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Campaign Execution
    • Lead Import
  • Sales
    • Lead and Activity Management
    • Account & Contact Management
    • Opportunity Management
    • Sales Process Automation
    • Sales Analytics (demonstrating SRS)
  • Customer Service
    • Case Management
    • Integrated KB
    • Contract Management
    • Service Scheduling
    • Service Analytics (demonstrating Export to Dynamic Pivot table)

This presentation was built to support an overview of CRM Online and covers most of the main functionality.  Feel free to use this in lieu of live presentations if needed, to gain a better understanding of the functionality or to simply practice your demonstration flow.

BTW, I used my Windows Live SkyDrive because of the large size (10MB) of the file.


Eric Boocock

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