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The old school method of demonstrating mobile software, using a camera suspended over a device, is expensive and unwieldy. Fortunately it is no longer necessary. There are a few ways to project a mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM application on to big screen – let me share one that works with our Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Preview and a Virtual PC image of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 – no device required.

Configure the Virtual PC

I usually demonstrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM using a Virtual PC image, demonstrating on a fully network connected server is easier but they don’t always travel well. I think many of us have our VPCs setup with the loopback adapter so I’ll presume that your VPC is setup to use the loopback adapter for networking with its IP address set to Instructions below presume that you’ve setup the Mobile Express server on the same VPC to a Web server at .

Windows Mobile Device with Microsoft Dynamics CRM server on a Virtual PC


Setup Visual Studio

In cases where no device is available for demonstrations, the Microsoft Device Emulator can be used stand alone. The device emulator is best for demonstrating Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM on a Virtual PC or for other self contained demonstration environments.

Configure the Virtual PC

1. Install Active Sync 4.5 on your Virtual PC image. Active Sync can be downloaded from at:

2. Install the Windows Mobile SDK on to the Virtual PC image from ).

The Windows Mobile SDK requires Visual Studio 2008. The Windows Mobile SDK provides the Device Emulator, the Device Emulator Manager, a set of device types and device skins.

Connect to the emulated device

1. Navigate to \Program Files\Microsoft Device Emulator\1.0.

2. Start the program dvcemumanager .

3. Locate the device image that you would like to use. The Windows Mobile Professional VGA Emulator provides a large image for very high resolution displays. The standard Professional Emulator may be better for projected displays.


4. Click the Actions menu and select “Connect”. The device image will be displayed on screen and will be displayed with a green icon in the emulator manager.

5. In the Device Emulator Manager select the device and then the Actions menu. Click “Cradle”. This will simulate a physical connect from the device to the PC and allow the image to share the host PC’s network connection.


6. Once the device is virtually cradled Active Sync will launch. The first time a given emulator launches you will need to walk through a process of configuring sync for the virtual device.
Setup sync with which ever options you prefer. Enabling sync of tasks, appointments, contacts and e-mail will enable you to demonstrate a broad range of mobile CRM scenarios.

7. Within the emulator, click the Start button and launch Pocket Internet Explorer.

8. Within Internet Explorer enter the URL for the Mobile Express Web server. For a default Mobile Express installation this will be .
Mobile Express for Microsoft Dynamics CRM will be launched.

soti I can’t go without mentioning a commercial screen projector and remote control application that allows you to connect and control a physical device from a PC. Pocket Controller Pro is a stable application with a huge set of device skins and PC based remote control capabilities – allowing you to use your mouse and keyboard on your PC to click menus and input data on the device.

SOTI’s Pocket Controller Pro can be purchased directly from for $35.95 USD:

The use of dedicated projector application will provide you with the best looking demo environment and with remote control will provide the most precise of control over the device.

If folks want more information on how to setup this sort of environment – give a shout and I’ll post the step by step.


Barry Givens

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