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CRM MVP Julie Yack shares with us a tip she recently discovered.


I recently installed SP2 for Office 2007 on my Vista Enterprise laptop, which includes IE8 with the install.  Once I installed it I began experiencing a rather annoying behavior in CRM.  I would open through a series of windows (in my particular case I was working with Workflows in the Settings section) and each time a new window needed to open, I would get the error message that a pop-up was blocked and that I needed to make sure that my CRM server was in my safe sites list.  Also, when this message displayed the pop-up had in fact “popped up” but was minimized.   This only happened when using the Outlook client, not the browser and only on my laptop, not my desktop.

IE8sec So I of course assumed that the new IE8 install did not actually take all my settings as it offered and I accepted.  But when I looked at pop-up blocker settings, my CRM server was most certainly there.  So I remove it from the list, close and restart IE8.  No difference.

It was annoying, but not a show-stopper for me so I sat on it a day.  During that time we had reason to re-start the CRM server (independent of any of my current annoyance).  Still no difference.

Frustrated, I emailed a group of very smart people, my fellow CRM MVPs, to see if anyone had heard of this and had solved it.  Got back a couple of questions and comments, but mostly just the sound of crickets.

Then my friend Menno te Koppele (my favorite “CRM freak”) sent me a series of instant messages and saved the day.  Here are the steps:

In IE8 go to Tools->Internet Options->Security tab.  Once there, click to “Reset all zones to default level”.  Additionally, click “Enable Protected Mode”.  I had already had protected mode selected, so I unchecked it, applied it, closed and restarted both IE and Outlook.  Then went back to re-check it and apply it.  Again, close and restart both IE and Outlook.  This took care of my problem!


Julie Yack

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