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“This newsletter is packed full of stuff this month, read on, click some links, refer some new members.” – CRM MVP Julie Yack

Do you want a free (FREE!!!!!) pass to the PDC ‘09 conference? We happen to have one to give away. How do you get it? It’s pretty easy, refer new members to xRMVirtual during our membership drive and you are eligible to win. In fact, for each member you refer you get an additional chance to win the PDC pass. More details on our site here, refer a friend page here This pass is valued at over $2,000 and details on the PDC conference can be found here .

Speaking of PDC… do you want to keep up-to-date on xRM news and events that come out before during and after PDC? There will be some upgrades on the xRMVirtual site and you will be able to add yourself to the email list for email blasts with these details. Sign in to the site, click on your profile, top right corner and check off the box.

Ever struggle to explain what exactly is xRM? Well, no more. Have a look-see at this video, it’s very slick and explains it pretty darn well. It’s about a minute and a half long, but very worth it.

Are you or your company up to something cool, new, innovative? Let us know and we will put details of it in this newsletter. Drop us an email, tell us a few details, we’ll take it from there.

Upcoming meetings…

ALL meetings are at 9am Pacific Time and ALL meetings are recorded for later viewing. Details on all upcoming (and past) events are here:

August 27- Mobilize your xRM with Erik van Hoof, details and registration here:

September 1- xRM and SharePoint a Deep Dive with Aaron Elder, details and registration here:

September 24- Onsite vs Online, you really CAN develop on both with Eric Boocock, details and registration here:

October 22- Did they really build a custom app in 24 hours using xRM? With Nikhil Hasija, details and registration here:

A tip of the hat to CRM MVP Julie Yack.

Shan McArthur, VP of Technology for ADXSTUDIO Inc. mentions:

“ADXSTUDIO is also going to throw in some prizes to the xRM Virtual User Group membership drive.  We will be offering an XRM SDK developer license plus 5 XRM Extensions licenses including a full year of maintenance to the top 5 referring members.  If there is a tie, a draw will be made at PDC.  This is a value of $1324 for each of the 5 contest winners.”

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