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Guest blogger and CRM MVP Shan McArthur is the VP of Technology and Senior Architect of Adxstudio CMS.

Microsoft launched a new generation of xRM portals in May 2010 (complements of Adxstudio). These new portals are significantly different than the previous generation. A decision was made early in the development lifecycle to ship the sample portal sites that are given on CodePlex using best practices. This requirement was driven from a desire to have a sample website that could pass standard security reviews.

Part of these requirements use web-based services such as Windows Live ID for authentication and an online Captcha service from Microsoft Research labs for user validation. The user signup process uses an invitation model plus a challenge/response mechanism to create new portal users. These requirements are complex and really do not demo very well because of the additional complexities that they introduce.

Many people using the Microsoft demo VPC are hosting the VPC in a network environment that does not have internet access. This whitepaper will describe a manner of reconfiguring the customer portal website so that it is easy to demo on the standard demo VPC without having any dependencies on internet connectivity.

The full blog includes:

  • Removing Captcha Implementation
  • Using Active Directory Membership Provider
  • Technical Details

Links & Attachments

  • Adxstudio XRM Commercial Product:  Adxstudio sells the commercial version of the xRM portal accelerators, which includes a number of enhancements to the content management system as well as many other portal components useful for modern websites.
  • Adxstudio Community Site:
  • Customer Portal Accelerator Home Page:
  • Partner Portal Accelerator Home Page:


Shan McArthur

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