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Attachment function using Document handling for settled “closed” transaction

You may get into the following situation where trying to attach a document  on a paid “settled” transaction, and the new button is dimmed.

Assuming that there is a vendor settled invoice transaction, and go to document handling  by Go to File| Command| Document handling

There is an option in Microsoft Dynamics AX where to be able to activate the document handling for the closed “settled” transactions.  


First need to specify a table(s) for document handing,

1-      Go to Organization and administration| Setup| Document management| Active document tables

2-      In the active document tables form, press Ctrl + N to create a new record

3-      Select table name “in my example I’ve selected Vendor transactions table [VendTrans]”

4-      Mark always enabled

  1. Go to Accounts payable| Common| Vendors| All vendor
  2. Select a particular vendor, then press Transactions
  3. Highlight the closed transaction in my example “APIN000003”
  4. Go to File| Command| Document handling
  5. In the document handling form you can add new file


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