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In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 account structure configurations has options to identify the accounts ranges as shown in the below screenshot. This helping out in identify set of dimensions control rules for rang of accounts.

It is important to consider which operator you’ll use, and this should be examined, and evaluated during the analysis, design, and deployment phases, In order to properly design the accounts and dimensions control rules. In this post will illustrate the configuration of “is between and include” and  “is between”.

The first option will be gain with “is between and include” this option represent that the main account range is consist of the main accounts in the range beginning, and  including the main account mentioned in the range. The below image showing that the main account range which beginning with main account 100000 with all main accounts through main account 200125 and include the last account in the same rule.

Assume that the business requirements requires that all accounts from 100000 to 200124 accept all dimensions values + blank for Business unit, and Department, regarding main account 200125 does not accept blank dimensions, only accept dimension values. In order to exclude main account 200125, it should be included in a new line of the account structure configuration.

In that case the option “is between” could be used as the following diagram shows, where exclude main account 200125 from the first line, and added to the second line. In that particular scenario it is the recommended setup.

Let us assume that we only have the first line in the account structure configuration, which represents “is between”, with this particular setup AX will behave as the following when create a new a general ledger journal, and try to select main account 200125.

An info log will be throw with stating that the selected account is not included in the account structure. “The main account 200125 does not exist in the account structures set up for the ledger. Please check the account structures and update the criteria for MainAccount to include 200125”

Let us assume another scenario where main account 200125 will be assigned to general ledger journal offset account, during the journal creation the main account (200125) will not be populated to the line automatically, and an infolog will be thrown indicate that the journal is not balanced, and this is the same behavior if the main account 200125 “which excluded from the account structure” is assigned to posting profile. This is due to the balance control is triggered before account validity against account structure.

The conclusion is if the account structure configuration used “is between” the account which excluded from the structure must have it own account structure configuration to avoid the above two validations whether the account structure validation, and entry balance control.


Olivier Renaud


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