Voided sales order function

Microsoft Dynamics AX has a function to control for the deleted sales orders or deleted lines, on this post will illustrate the voided sales order function, where the deleted sales order lines are stored in another form for reference only. First this function must be activated under accounts receivable parameter.

Accounts receivable| Setup| Accounts receivable parameters then under General go to Sales fast tab, under Setup field group, Tick the following option Mark the order as voided.

During the sales order transaction assume that the end user after select a sales line then delete it, the deleted line is moved to Voided sales order form


Let us create a new sales order line and delete it from the header

Then go to Sales and marketing| Inquiry| History| Voided sales orders

The voiced sales order form will open, and the voided sales orders will be shown as the following screen shot

The Voided filed has two options;

  • The first is Voided lines; which represents the sales order lines that have been deleted and the sales order header is not deleted
  • The second is Voided; which represents the sales order that have been deleted from the header

Go to Lines tab, which shows the voided lines.

You can press Show to show the sales order and order lines.