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The failing validation can be one of two things. 

  1. First, have you created a System User in Dynamics Online with the public key from this payment service configuration.
    You will also need to add the “payment – user” role to that system user account.
  2. The other possible issue is that the URL (
    is blocked by the Firewall when attempting to reach the site through AX.

In support cases with the Failing validation error, I normally see that the error occurs because the Public Key is not added to a System User in Dynamics Online.

Log into Dynamics Online with the Microsoft account that is used to log into the Customer Portal.  Then select User management and create a new System User.

The Public key will be copied from AX > Accounts Receivables > Setup > Payments > Payment services

This is a big key and I would copy and paste it into notepad and make sure you have the beginning and ending value

Here is a screen shot of my window and Public key:

Here is what mine looks like (It will end in a = sign).  I have seen where the Public Key isn’t fully copied and pasted into Dynamics Online System User will cause an error validating.










When the Public key value is pasted in the Public key field for the New System User that is created in the Customer Portal (above), if the value already exists you will receive an error.

When finished with the Public Key and saving the new System User, you have to make sure you are filtering on All users, select the System user that was created and click Edit.

Insert the Roles into the Selected Roles for the Service that was created.

Other issues I have run into when validating in the Dynamics AX Payment Services Setup window are:


  1. The Microsoft account is empty.  This should be an account that you can use when signing into Dynamics Online.  I have seen instances where we have to save the form and then we exit the window and relaunch to verify that the Microsoft account field was populated. 
  2. The Microsoft account password must be manually typed and cannot be pasted into the field.
  3. The Environment must be set to PROD.  It should not contain your server name.
  4. The Service ID comes from the Dynamics Online Customer Portal Service List ID field

Note:  It is a good idea to test a payment transaction in Dynamics Online to make sure the service id works correctly when processing transactions before testing in Dynamics AX.

Last, go into the ‘Credit card types’ button and verify that you have a Payment journal set for each Credit card type.

Once all the above is done, then click the Validate button.


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