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Microsoft Dynamics Online is a free service to link your ERP to a payment provider.  When configuring Microsoft Dynamics Online as your payment gateway, you are provided with 5 payment provider options to connect a merchant account.  These options are listed below and are the only available options to use with this solution.  If you would like further details on how the sign up process works for each provider, click on the hyperlink “view signup” next to each one in the list.  It is important to note that each payment provider listed utilizes a different application process to configure an account.  There are a few specifics in the application and setup (such as whether you can use an existing merchant account or only the account created from the referral) that are required by the partnerships we have with the payment provider.  Any detailed questions about the application, processing, and processing fees should be directed to the payment provider and processor that you have chosen.

If you would like some assistance choosing a payment provider, the document below can help.  If you have further questions about which provider to use for AX AR versus AX POS, please contact Microsoft support.
Payment Services How to Choose a Payment Provider White Paper

Microsoft Dynamics Payment Services > Providers tab

  1. First Data EMPS – view signup
  2. First Data TSYS – view signup
  3. Bank of America Merchant Services – view signup
  4. PayPal Flat Rate Plan – view signup
  5. CyberSource (US and Global) – view signup

If the above out of the box solution does not work for your business or does not provide you with the needed options for integrating your own payment provider and processor, you can view the blogs written about the Payment SDK to customize your own solution:

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