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This article assumes that you have already configured a Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Service and are ready to choose PayPal as your payment provider.  If you need additional details on the pre-requisite, download the following document that will walk you through the setup process.
     Payment Services – How to set up Credit Card Processing in Microsoft Dynamics Online 

When selecting to sign up for PayPal as your payment provider, you are selecting PayPal to be used as a payment provider gateway to a list of processors that are limited to the following:

  1. American Express
  2. Encompass
  3. Vantiv
  4. Heartland
  5. Litle & Co
  6. Global Payments – Central
  7. Merchant e-Solutions
  8. Moneris
  9. FDMS Nashville
  10. Global Payments – East
  11. FDMS North
  12. Elavon
  13. Paymentech – Salem
  14. Planet Payment
  15. SecureNet
  16. FDMS South
  17. TeleCheck 2
  18. Paymenttech – Tampa
  19. TSYS
  20. World Pay

If you do not have one of the processors listed and still want to use PayPal, you will need to explore each of the listed processors and select the best one for your business in order to complete the process.  This may include creating a new merchant account with that processor.

VERY IMPORTANT:  We do not integrate with PayPal as the provider AND the processor, nor are we able to use an existing PayPal account.  This is not part of our current contract and on the contrary to what may be believed, this cannot be changed or used in any way.  A new account must be configured using the referral sent by Dynamics Online as a unique MerchantID will be created with PayPal during this referral.  The MerchantID will look similar to 123456789abcdef003090300ff0fffff.

Sign up process:

1. Click “Sign up now” for PayPal

2. This provides you with the high level 3 step process it takes to complete the sign up.

  1. Complete the application on the provider’s web site.
  2. Receive a confirmation e-mail with account instructions.
  3. Start accepting payments.

3.  When you click “Sign up”, a new tab will open in the browser. 

     – You are now on PayPal’s registration site:
     – If you need any assistance in this sign up process, call the VPS Sales Team at 1-402-935-2050 class=.

4. Click Continue.

5. You are now on the PayPal Products page.  There is only 1 option to configure.  These are the transactions associated to your PayPal account.  Any questions on the fees should be referred to PayPal support.

6. Click Continue.

7. The next page asks for you business information to set up the PayPal account.  Complete the fields.

8. In the Select Processor section you are prompted with a dropdown list of available processors as discussed at the beginning of this blog.

9. After the form is completed, click Continue.

10. You are now prompted for billing information for the charges PayPal will be billing you for on a reoccurring basis.  This can be changed at a later time by contacting PayPal.

11. Click Purchase and you will receive a confirmation page (no picture available).

12. Back on the Dynamics Online page you will be redirected to the “Payment methods” navigation page. 

13. PayPal should now be listed as a Payment Provider Account and “In Progress”.  This may need to be activated by your Partner once the PayPal account application is completed on the PayPal side.

For additional information on configuring and activating the payment provider account, download the following Word document:
     Payment Services – How to set up Credit Card Processing in Microsoft Dynamics Online 


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