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This article assumes that you have already configured a Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Service and are ready to choose First Data EMPS as your payment provider.  If you need additional details on the pre-requisite, download the following document that will walk you through the setup process.
     Payment Services – How to set up Credit Card Processing in Microsoft Dynamics Online 

When selecting to sign up for First Data EMPS as your payment provider, you are selecting First Data to be used as a payment provider on their Nashville network. The information that was originally provided when the customer account was configured in Dynamics Online (found in the Organization Defaults) is automatically sent to First Data as a referral.  Using the contact information that is sent, First Data will then contact the Customer to finalize the setup process of their merchant account.  If you had a previous account with First Data, bring this to the attention of the First Data team to work with you on possibly using that existing account.  The merchant account setup process does not involve Microsoft and all questions should be directed to First Data support at 800-257-6147 class=.

You will notice that after clicking Sign up now button, Microsoft Dynamics Online redirects you to the Payment methods screen where First Data Corp will be displayed.  Using the Payment Services document linked above, the Partner will then need to activate this through their Dynamics Online Partner portal by entering in the Merchant account information received from First Data. 

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