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This article assumes that you have already configured a Microsoft Dynamics Online Payment Service and are ready to choose First Data as your payment provider.  If you need additional details on the pre-requisite, download the following document that will walk you through the setup process.
     Payment Services – How to set up Credit Card Processing in Microsoft Dynamics Online

When selecting to sign up for First Data as your payment provider, you are selecting First Data to be used as a payment provider on the TSYS network. You will need to apply for an account either online or by phone with First Data.  First Data will then contact the Customer to finalize the setup process of their merchant account.  If you had a previous account with First Data, bring this to the attention of the First Data team to work with you on possibly using that existing account.  The merchant account setup process does not involve Microsoft and all questions should be directed to First Data support at 888-231-9689.

Sign up process:

1. Click “Sign up now” for First Data

2. This provides you with the high level 3 step process it takes to complete the sign up.
1. Complete the application on the provider’s web site.
2. Receive a confirmation e-mail with account instructions.
3. Start accepting payments.

3. When you click “Sign up”, a new tab may open in the browser.

– You are now on First Data’s Application site:
– If you need any assistance in this sign up process, call First Data at 888-231-9689 class=

4. If you choose to Pre-Apply over the web, click on the link for ->Click here to pre-apply in the green box.

5. You will now be directed to complete a Pre-Application Form. 

6. Click Send to submit this completed form to First Data to create a new merchant account.  Once again, if you have any questions about the merchant account application, call the First Data at 888-231-9689.

7. If you followed the online application process, no further action is needed by the merchant to activate the account.  The merchant account will be activated automatically in Dynamics Online once the account is created in the payment provider’s system.
Note: If the merchant account fails to activate automatically or if you called First Data directly to set up an account, use the document at the following link that walks you through manually activating the payment provider account:
     Payment Services – How to set up Credit Card Processing in Microsoft Dynamics Online


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