Finding your way around Microsoft Dynamics CRM topics on TechNet and MSDN or how to be a Dynamics CRM technical documentation Zen master in 5 minutes

Some topics that are published on TechNet and MSDN are versioned. This means that with a couple of clicks you can easily switch between similar topics that apply to a different version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Here’s how it works using the “Other Versions” picker.

Go to a versioned topic, such as Deploying and administering Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Click Other Versions located just under the topic title to present the drop down list of available topics by version.


Here are a few more notable features to be aware of when you view our TechNet and MSDN content.

Also located just under the topic title is the product family and versions that the topic applies to.

Versioned topics have (v=crm.x) appended to the URL, where x is the major version number, such as 5, 6, or 7. You can also access a topic without (v=crm.x) in the URL and the default topic is displayed. By design, the default topic is the most recent version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Search engines typically only index the default version. This means, if you search on content specific to an earlier version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the default topic page will appear in the search results instead of the earlier version topic. To view the earlier version, you click the corresponding link in the search results and then use the version picker described earlier to load the topic.

Don’t forget that you can always submit feedback directly to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM content publishing team by either clicking the Send comments about this article to Microsoft link located at the bottom of every online topic or use the Was this page helpful widget integrated with all TechNet and MSDN pages.


Matt Peart, Senior Technical Writer