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This blog post contains up to date information on the known issues that are actively being investigated by Microsoft.

Issue Description Status
Applying binary updates through LCS on TIER 1 or development machines older than Update 3 throws an error  When applying binary update through LCS on a development environment or TIER 1 environment older than Update 3, it fails to update all service models and throws an error. Current workaround is to apply binary update manually using the AXUpdateInstaller on pre-Update 3 environments.  Fixed.
Applying an update manually using the Update installer does not update the Platform version on the Environment Details page.  Environment details page shows the Application release, platform release in the manage environment section. After applying a platform update package through, the platform release should get updated. However, if you apply the platform update package manually using the AxUpdateInstaller, then the platform release does not get updated. Under investigation.


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