SQL Insights metrics collection on-demand feature turned off

In the February release of LCS, we added a feature that enabled customers and partners to gather updated Performance metrics and Index analysis metrics on demand in the Environment monitoring portal. After going live, we unfortunately found that the feature was unreliable and unstable, because of issues in our infrastructure, and issues with the way the feature was designed. Due to the problems we are seeing, we have turned off on-demand data collection by removing the Start collection button. Our plan is to fix the performance issues we are seeing and then enable the feature again.


We are still gathering SQL data for Performance metrics and Index analysis metrics each day at 10PM UTC. You will still have the data for troubleshooting but you can’t control when it is gathered, or gather data more than once a day.


We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, and will let you know when we have turned the feature back on.