The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the April release of Lifecycle Services.

Update to Maintenance Notifications

In the March release of LCS, we have updated our maintenance notifications by adding the Upcoming updates slider and by adding a message bar that will appear twenty-four hours prior to the scheduled maintenance operation.

With this release, we have also added the following notifications:

  • In-product notifications: One hour before the scheduled maintenance is , users working in Dynamics 365 for Operations will notified that there will be a maintenance operation starting so that they will not lose their work.
  • Frequent email notifications: Previously, email notifications were sent only when changes were made to the maintenance request or when the scheduled maintenance was about to start. Going forward, you will now receive more frequent email notifications on the T-3 and T-1 days of the upcoming maintenance for an environment.
  • Email notification when comments are added to Service Requests: Any time the Service Engineering team updates the service request with a comment, you will receive an email notification.

To stop getting these emails, please go to Notification Management and uncheck UpcomingUpdateReminder checkbox.

Delete Azure connectors

With the April release, you can now delete Azure connectors.


Support experience updates

If you do not have a Premier plan configured, you will not see the Premier and Non-premier contract types when you create a support incident.


A new Manage support plans menu has been added to the Submitted to Microsoft tab on the Incident list page.


New Premier and Advanced Support for Partners plans can be mapped to the current user by using the Manage support plans menu.


You can view the incident communication history for Premier incidents by clicking on the incident SR number in the list.