Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Project Services Automation Update 3

Applies to: Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, Dynamics 365 for Field Solution, Dynamics 365 for Universal Scheduling Solution, Dynamics 365 for Resource Scheduling Optimization


With the goal of continuously improving quality, performance, usability, and responding some customer feature feedbacks, we recently released an update in July for Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, Resource Scheduling Optimization solutions. Below are the new capabilities and bug fixes introduced in this update.


Universal Resource Scheduling Enhancements – for both Project Service Automation(v1.2.1.51) and Field Service (v6.2.1.38)


  • Added option to turn off schedule board alerts
    • Each schedule board now has a setting to turn off schedule board alerts for that specific board.
    • There is now a way to globally disable schedule alerts which overrides the individual schedule board setting.
    • When shut off, Schedule Board will not query for alert records, and the “alerts” tab will be hidden.
    • To disable schedule board alerts globally:
      • Navigate to advanced find to the scheduling parameters entity and open the scheduling parameters record.
      • Add the “advanced settings” field to the form and publish this change.
      • Add the following string to the advanced settings attribute “sb.disablealerts=true” and save the record.
  • When searching for availability for resources for onsite requirements, the URS distance matrix action calls Bing for travel information. In the scenario where Bing cannot calculate the distance between two points, URS now falls back and uses a mathematical calculation to retrieve distance and travel time.
  • Fixed multiple daylight savings related issues.
  • We now support accented characters on the schedule board booking templates, even when referencing attributes on parent entities.
  • Resource territories that are inactive are now ignored by the schedule board and schedule assistant.
  • Schedule board settings menu no longer closes automatically.
  • Time off request records now properly update the schedule board and are considered in schedule assistant searches.
  • Removed unnecessary update of attributes on the booking entity if attribute values do not change.
  • Removed unnecessary updates of attributes on the requirement entity (fulfilled and remaining duration)
  • Fixed issue with booking rules not executing
  • Booking details on left panel sometimes would not load when selecting a booking
  • Fixed issue related to caching which cause schedule board issue.
  • In some edge cases, searching for resources on the schedule board that are in “undefined” territory were not returning in results.
  • When searching for resources on schedule board, when selecting a territory in which there are no associated resources, all resources return.
  • Added auto delete for system job records
  • Fixed issues with display of resource utilization percentage when schedule board initially loads.
  • Fixed issue where current timeline showed incorrect time when schedule board first loads
  • Multiple map pin issues were caused due to changes in an outside service. Fixes are not in this build, rather fixes automatically applied recently with the update to outside service.
    • Pins now settle in the right location on selection
    • Fixed issues with selecting and deselecting pins.


Field Service Solution(v6.2.1.38) Bug Fixes


Below issues have been fixed as part of this patch

  • In some cases, work orders being generated by agreements were delayed.
  • Agreement booking setups in which the attribute “generate work orders X days in advance” was set to “0” now properly creates Work Orders.
    • If there are already agreement booking setups in which the value of this field = 0, in order to start the Work Order Generation, change the value to “1” and save and then change it back to “0” and save.
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs related to agreement booking setup work order generation.
  • When adding an incident type to a work order, which has a child incident service, the incident service duration is now properly saved to the work order service estimated duration field instead of the work order service duration field.
  • In some cases, adding incident service tasks to incident types would override the incident type duration. When adding an incident service task to an incident type, the incident type duration will only get updated if the sum of all incident service tasks is greater than “0”. This prevents the incident type duration from being set to “0” when adding an incident service task with a “0” minute duration to an incident type.
  • Fixed issues relating to currency conversion on Purchase Order and Purchase Order Product entity.
  • Fixed issues relating to currency conversion on work order entity when using a currency on the work order which is not the organizations base currency. This caused work order “amount” fields such as subtotal to be miscalculated.
    • Fix will not apply to existing work orders. If you have existing work orders in which the work order subtotal is not accurate, there are two ways you can update existing work order records.
      • Global Update of Work Orders – this will run an update on all work orders in which the work order currency is not the same as the org base currency
        1. Create an on demand workflow on any entity
        2. Add a step to perform an action called “Field Service – System Action” and set the “type” to 2501
        3. Run workflow on any record in D365
        4. Work order “amount fields” will be recalculated on all work orders where currency does not match org base currency


On demand workflow on any entity


    1. If you do not want to run a global update, and would rather hand pick the work orders for which you would like to recalculate the amount fields:
      1. Create an on demand workflow on the work order entity
      2. Add a step to perform an action called “Field Service – System Action”
      3. Set the “type” to 2502
      4. Set the “input parameter” to the record URL
      5. Select work orders you need to update and run the workflow.
      6. Recalculation will occur on work order regardless of currency on work order.


On demand workflow on work order entity

  • When work orders are auto generated from agreements, attributes that are null on the agreement are ignored in the plugin when work orders are being generated.
  • Fixed error when adding service lines to a quote.
  • Fixed multiple minor upgrade code errors


Project Service Automation Solution (v1.2.1.51) Enhancements

  • Performance improvements in project copy and move operations along with auto team generation.
  • Allow customer to add new Time Entry Types for PSA: CRM administrator can modify the java script: msdyn_/Common/Models/OptionSets/TimeEntryType.js and add new option set items accordingly there after customized the Time Entry Optionset in CRM.

Resource Scheduling Optimization (v1.0.5.0) Enhancements

  • Change authentication from using WS-Trust to Oauth, more secured, no need to maintain user name and password separately in RSO deployment app
  • Improve RSO upgrade experiences by introducing ‘Under Maintenance’ status. System will set Published RSO schedules as ‘Under Maintenance’ during RSO upgrade, and automatically re-publish schedules after upgrade completes.
  • RSO job has stopped reschedulding due to Class OptimizationDataCleaner causes stress on Azure DB interrupting/slowing RSO jobs.
  • Optimize Schedule field should be locked to “No” for Generic/Equipment/Group resource types.


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– FeiFei Qiu