Migrate your Dynamics CRM 2011 Knowledge base articles to new Dynamics 365 Knowledge base articles

Knowledge Management has always been a core of any Customer Service organization in helping achieve better CSAT and consistency in solving customer issues. Dynamics 365 (formerly Dynamics CRM) had Knowledge Management capabilities starting with the first Knowledge Management module in Dynamics CRM 2011 to the latest Knowledge Management module launched in Dynamics CRM 2015 release.

To consolidate the Knowledge Management offering and move customers to better KM capabilities, we announced deprecation of Dynamics CRM 2011 Knowledge Management module with the Dynamics 365 launch. To smoothen transition to the Knowledge Base capabilities, we have launched a new tool on Github to convert your existing CRM 2011 Knowledge Base articles to new Dynamics 365 capabilities.

Please note that the tool is not officially supported from Microsoft and is not covered under standard Microsoft support plans. However, we are providing the source code for this tool and will be supporting it as part of our community initiatives.

I hope this tool helps you switch to Dynamics 365 Knowledge management capabilities and helps you serve your customers better. Please try this tool and provide us with any feedback, suggestions or comments to improve it further.


Dileep Singh

Program Manager