Dynamics 365 Connector for Flow and Logic Apps: An update

By using a Dynamics 365 connector for Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic Apps, you can create flows that initiate when an event occurs in Dynamics 365, or some other service, which then performs an action in Dynamics 365, or some other service.

In Microsoft Flow, you can set up automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. For more information, see Get started with Microsoft Flow.

However, in recent weeks, you might have seen a second version (V2) of action and trigger being shown.


Triggers and Actions in Dynamics 365 Connector


V2 is the new version of connector which was released last month. This version will continue to get some of the latest features that we are planning to release in the next few dates. Keeping the new changes in a separate version helps us to test the new features without disrupting business for customers. While customers are welcome to try and use the new version (V2), the existing flows will continue to use the current version. In the latest version(V2), there is a new trigger which gets invoked for both create and update of an entity. This new trigger supports option sets as user localized strings whereas the existing trigger, for update, continues to return integers as option-set values.

These are the only changes that have been pushed in V2, for now.

The current version will continue to be available for the foreseeable future and currently there are no plans to retire it. Once the features are stable in our V2 version, we will be slowly migrating these new capabilities to the existing version.

Note: Starting next week, you will see text display for V2 being replaced with text “Preview” to be more consistent with the intent of the program i.e. to preview the new features before moving them into the more stable version. This is how the texts would appear after the update

  • Create a new record (Preview)
  • Delete a record (Preview)
  • Get record (Preview)
  • List records (Preview)
  • Update a record (Preview)
  • When a record is created (Preview)
  • When a record is created or updated (Preview)
  • When a record is deleted (Preview)



– Dynamics 365 Connector Team