No environment monitoring on customer/partner-owned environments

Using a purchased Azure subscription, customers and partners can deploy a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition environment through the Cloud Hosted Environments feature in LCS. These environments are owned and controlled by the customer or partner. In the past, you could use the Activity monitoring page to view the usage and telemetry data that is used to diagnose issues and build a storyboard view of the system during a specific timeframe. The page could be accessed from the Environment monitoring link on the Environment details page.


Due to recent changes in compliance and security, the collection of telemetry data from environments that are hosted in customer and partner subscriptions will no longer be enabled. Going forward, the Activity monitoring page will be blank for these environments. This blog post is to notify you that in the next release of LCS, we will temporarily remove the Activity monitoring and Health metrics tabs from the Environment monitoring portal. You will still be able to access the performance dashboard on the SQL Insights page. We will update this blog post when we re-enable telemetry collection on these environments.