Dynamics 365 for Field Service and Project Service Automation Update 4

Applies to: Dynamics 365 v8.2 organization with Project Service Automation(v1.2.2.16), Dynamics 365 v8.2 organization with Field Solution(v6.2.2.13), Dynamics 365 v8.2 organization with Universal Scheduling Solution


With the goal of continuously improving quality, performance, usability, and responding some customer feature feedbacks, we recently released an update for Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, below are the new capabilities and bug fixes introduced in this update.


Field Service (v6.2.2.13) Enhancements

Below are the major bug fixes for this upgrade release

  1. Fixed the ‘Object Reference error when manually set IsPrimary=Yes on Requirement record
  2. Fixed the error “An item with the same key has already been added” when trying to upgrade from a Field Service Naos build (6.0.x.x) to Field Service build
  3. User is not able to save Purchase Order seeing error message “The work order must match the work order set on the booking.” even though booking record already matches work order information WO
  4. When user create a new booking rule with custom web resource / Java Script function, user sees invalid message instead of expected messaged defined in custom booking rule’s Java script when using schedule assistant feature on work order
  5. Portal for Field Service: Not able to see work order form after installed Portal for Field Service

NOTE: This upgrade release can only be installed/upgraded for Dynamics365 v8.2+ org with Field Solution (v6.2.1.38 or earlier)


Project Service Automation (v1.2.2.16) Enhancements

Below are the major bug fixes for this upgrade release

  1. Correct the timestamp for Accounting Date on Project Actuals, should be Start Date instead of Approval Date
  2. Project price list on project contract is getting copied from Project price list on Customer even when Contract is created from Quote, when a Contract is created from a Quote, the project price and the product price list must be copied from the corresponding ones on the Quote. Only when the Contract is created directly, the product and project price lists must come from the Customer record.
  3. Project based line window doesn’t close automatically even though click ‘Save & Close’ button
  4. Assign role popup/window is truncated if the stage pane is opened in WBS
  5. WBS doesn’t open on Firefox on Win10 touchscreen
  6. WBS: Non-US date format causes incorrect behavior in date picker: date jumps to next day after save project task if switch user format to English (Australia)
  7. WBS control doesn’t correctly respect DST rules from the southern hemisphere: Project Task date change by 1 on refresh if tasks spanning April
  8. Time entry created in the week of DST transitions to Standard time shows up on the following day.
  9. Transaction Category value is not getting transferred to the Project Actuals from expense
  10. Performance improvement on Time Entry & Expense areas

NOTE: This upgrade release can only be installed/upgraded for Dynamics365 v8.2+ org with Project Service Automation (v1.2.1.56 or earlier)


Universal Resource Scheduling Enhancements

Below are the major bug fixes for this upgrade release

  1. Booking Rules shows blank dialog on booking form
  2. [Schedule board] Search box doesn’t allow “[” char when search in Schedule board Booking Requirements views
  3. Schedule Board doesn’t load when one of its resources working hours starts before the time zone rule: E,g: set working hour time zone to (GMT+3), entire weekly working hours starts 2000
  4. Find availability is not showing resources with valid latitude and longitude values
  5. Map view doesn’t not complete loading when loading the requirements view with more than 5000 records
  6. Schedule Board Scrolling Misalignment on Hourly View
  7. Extending a project booking on SB should link new bookings to project team member, and update corresponding project team member booked hours
  8. Scheduler board doesn’t open in a new tab in IE
  9. If requirement is for 30 years with duration as 1 hour, user faces error when try to book this requirement from the Booking Dialog
  10. IE: Cannot right click on an available slot in hourly schedule board recommendation mode to book a resource

Performance Improvement on below areas

  1. The booking dialog takes a long time to initialize for large amount of active requirements (5000+)
  2. Performance: slow loading in certain cases when launching the Schedule Board from a schedulable entity page


NOTE: Enhancements and bug fixes for Universal Resource Scheduling apply for both Field Service and Project Service Automation as well as other schedulable entities on Dynamics 365 v8.2 organizations


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Feifei Qiu

Program Manager

Dynamics 365, Field and Project Service Team