What’s new in Voice of the Customer version 9.0.823.1 to 9.0.959.8

We are excited to announce that new version of Voice of the Customer for Dynamics 365 (9.0.823.1 – 9.0.959.8) is live on all Geos now. This version of Voice of the Customer is compatible with Dynamics 365 version 8.2 and later. This update includes reliability and scalability improvements.

This article describes the features improvements and the fixes that are included in this update.

New and updated features

Improved reliability

To improve reliability, we have changed the way survey responses are sent to the Dynamics 365 database. Previously, the survey responses were pulled from the Voice of the Customer Azure service using Dynamics 365 workflows which used to run periodically. We observed that for some customers the survey responses were not sent from Voice of the Customer Azure service into Dynamics 365 database, primarily due to workflow issues. In the new version of Voice of the Customer, the Voice of the Customer Azure service will push survey responses into Dynamics 365 when survey responses are received. This will improve the reliability of the solution as well as provide users with the near-real time survey responses.

Improved scalability

We have made changes in the Voice of the Customer service to improve the scalability of Voice of the Customer. The previous limitation of maximum 2400 survey responses per day has now been removed. The previous limitation of sending 10000 email survey invitations with pipe data per day has now been increased to 50000.

Change tracking on Voice of the Customer entities

The Voice of the Customer entities are now change tracking enabled. This can be used by customers to get all the updates that happen on the Voice of the Customer entity records and take appropriate action.

Change in installation process

To improve security, modifications have been made in the way the solution is authenticated with Dynamics 365. As a result, the process to install or upgrade Voice of the Customer has changed from this version onwards. Please note that you must be a tenant administrator to install the solution.

The new process to install the solution is:

  1. Sign in to your Dynamics 365 solution as administrator.
  2. Go to the Dynamics 365 Administration Center, and then select the Applications
  3. Select the application row titled Voice Of The Customer, and then select Manage.



Manage application in Dynamics 365 Administration Center


  1. Accept the license terms.
  2. Select Install.

Click here to access the Voice of the Customer official documentation.

Resolved issues

In addition to the above-mentioned features, this update resolves the following issues:

  • Feedback entity does not work properly on all locales specified in Dynamics 365.
  • Unable to clone surveys on a French organization.
  • The default count resets to five in a start-rating question even after modification.
  • The unsubscribe link is not visible on the survey.
  • Respondent can skip Single Rating question even though it is marked as mandatory.
  • Translation corrections for few strings in the Japanese language.
  • The error messages are not appropriate in case of a survey exception.
  • The social sharing dialog box is not displayed completely on the survey.


We hope that your business will be more productive with the new Voice of the Customer solution. Try the new version of Voice of the Customer and provide your feedback.


– Sanjay Kasat