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The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the release notes for (Lifecycle Services) LCS (January 2018, release 1).

Publish solution packages as a new version and notify customers

In this release of LCS, you can publish solution packages as a new version and then customers will be notified that a new version is available for update. To do this:

  1. Using the existing edit functionality, a solution owner creates an updated version of the solution package and then publishes the package with a Global scope. For more information about scope, see the LCS (September 2017, release 2) – release notes.
  2. When prompted, the solution provider attaches release notes to the solution package.
    Note: Release notes should highlight the changes between the solution package versions, which is needed to help users understand whether to upgrade to this solution package.
  3. After the new solution package is published, users who have been granted access at solution level will be sent an email informing them that an updated version of the solution is available.
  4. Users who have already imported the solution will also receive a notification that an update is available in their asset library.
    When they select the asset and click Versions, they can review the release before they select Get version.

Updates to on-premises environment deployment flow in LCS

In this release of LCS we’ve resolved the issue of a missing Delete button and a Configure button displaying correctly. Going forward, the Delete button will always be visible for an on-premises environment. We have also resolved the issue of the environment showing an Unknown state regardless if the connector running correctly.

Updates to Environment details page

In this release of LCS, we’ve added environment deployment date and time information to the Environment details page.

New data upgrade packages available

In this release of LCS, new data upgrade packages are available in the Shared asset library. These packages simplify the data upgrade process on development, demo, and sandbox environments because some manual steps have been removed and the upgrade process of the Business database, Financial reporting, and Retail channel database has been combined. For more details, see refer to this topic: Upgrade data in development, demo, or sandbox environments.

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