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The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the release notes for LCS (February 2018, release 2). 

Download Critical X++ updates 

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition, you will have a Critical X++ updates tile available in your production environment.   

To prevent known issues that may cause system downtime or service degradation, Microsoft is taking proactive efforts to monitor and service your production environment. Critical X++ updates are recommended KBs that are based on the telemetry data in your production environment. These updates are specific to your production environment, and can be downloaded only for your production environment.   

Note: Because the critical X++ updates can only be downloaded from an online production environment, the Critical X++ updates tile on other environments, for example pre-production or on-premises, shows a zero (0) count. The Critical X++ updates  tile will be removed from the pre-production and on-premises environments by the end of March 2018.

To apply the critical X++ updates, you need to download the updates from the production environment, then apply it in the development environment to build the deployable package before deploying it to your production environment. For more information about deploying updates, see Apply updates to a cloud environment. 

  • All X++ updates tile includes all application X++ updates that are available for an environment.  
  • Critical X++ updates tile is only available in the production environment. It includes recommended application X++ updates that are available specifically for your production environment.

Dynamics 365 – Translation Service (DTS) User Interface changes  

With this release of Lifecycle Services (LCS), a new field, Request Type has been added to the new translation request in DTS. In the Request Type field, select User Interface for all new requests. Additional request types will be added in future releases.


Additionally, the Files upload page and Request status and output view page have been updated to improve the user interface experience. For questions or feedback regarding these changes, contact


Dynamics 365 – Translation Service known issue

If you try to create a new LCS project or return to an existing project, you may not be able to find the Translation Service tile on the project dashboard. We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. For now, to work around this issue, use the project menu to select Translation service.


On the Translation service dashboard, when you select the project name, the project dashboard will refresh, and the tile should appear.

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