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The following features are either new or changed in on-premises deployments of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition 7.2 with platform update 12. This deployment option became available in March 2018.

For more resources about on-premises deployments, see the On-premises deployment landing page.

Setup and deployment

Improvements have been made to the setup and deployment process. These improvements significantly reduce the time that is required for deployment. Increased automation and multiple prerequisite validations have also been added to improve reliability. For more information, see Set up and deploy on-premises environments.


After your on-premises environment is deployed, you can now use Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) to apply platform and application updates that Microsoft releases. You can also apply code customizations. Therefore, customers can stay current with the latest set of fixes and take up new customizations without having to reconfigure an existing environment or redeploy the on-premises environment. Additionally, you can now roll back code changes if packages aren’t successfully applied. For more information, see Apply updates to an on-premises deployment.

Note that the Reconfigure feature will remain available for environments that were deployed with platform update versions that are earlier than Platform update 12.


Hotfixes that will soon be available in LCS will provide additional features for your on-premises deployments of Platform update 12.

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