Upcoming change April 15, 2018- Only Azure Active Directory users will be allowed to create Prospective presales projects in LCS

Today, a user can sign in to Lifecycle Services (LCS) using a Microsoft Account (MSA) (such as Live or Hotmail), and without purchasing a Support plan or subscription, create a Prospective presales project to try LCS features or set up demo environments. The Prospective presales project option is available for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Dynamics CRM, and Dynamics NAV products.


Starting May  8th, 2018, any new users or users that have been invited to a project using an MSA account to sign in to LCS  will be unable to access LCS if they are not members of an organization or  have not been invited to be part of an organization and are not associated with a CustomerSource or PartnerSource support plan or not holding any subscriptions. Any existing users with previously created Prospective presales projects who also fall into this category, will not be able to sign in to these projects or LCS.

To avoid interruptions, we recommend that you sign in to LCS and download or transfer your project and project data to another user before April 15. After that date, you will not have access to the project or the data. Note that this only impacts users who sign in with a Microsoft account. If you are an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) user, you can continue to view and create Prospective presales projects.