Deployment progress of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0.2

We continue to make progress on delivering the updated version of Dynamics 365 (online), around the globe. At Microsoft, we use a “safe deployment” methodology where we perform the update in stages, to ensure that we are managing and mitigating the risk of global deployments to critical systems.

Today, we have completed the deployment on infrastructure units where new instances are provisioned and are updating the infrastructure units in each region in a two-phased approach. The schedule for the first phase has been posted to each region, and as we complete those infrastructure units, we will provide the schedule for the second phase.

We appreciate your excitement at getting to test and use the updated version, and the ability to create new instances on version 9.0.2 is live. For customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 December Update (8.2) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update (8.1), updates to the latest version are continuing to be scheduled and processed. Individual schedule adjustments will be communicated to administrators as we refine the experience.