What’s New for Dynamics 365 Resource Scheduling Optimization v2.8 Release

Applies to: Dynamics 365 Organization 9.0+ with Field Service Solution 7.x version or 8.x version 

We are excited to announce the General Availability of Resource Scheduling Optimization v2.8 release which includes single resource optimization, matches resource type constraint etc new capabilities and various usability, performance, quality improvements. Below is a high-level list of features introduced in this release. For details, please refer to the Resource Scheduling Optimization Fall ’18 Release Notes. 

New Features  

  • Single Resource Optimization: It provides a quick and simple way to re-optimize the schedules of a selected resource from the schedule board. This is done to ensure the resource continues to have an optimal route after schedule changes and cancellations during the day. For example, a resource may have overlapping bookings after getting assigned an emergency Work Order or arriving late due to traffic during the day. There are two ways to use the single resource optimization feature from the schedule board:
    1. One-click with defaults: Optimize the schedules for a single resource with one click using the default goal with a time range set to the end of the current day. Performed from any schedule board view.

    Note: This requires Field Service v8.0+

    1. Advanced with edits: Optimize the schedules for a single resource with the option to edit the goal and time range as well as the option to run as a simulation and apply or discard the results. This is only possible from the schedule board view related to your RSO scope.

    Refer here for details

  • Enabled default optimization goal to simply optimization administrative tasks: when Resource Scheduling Optimization is deployed for the first time, the system will automatically create a Default Goal with some constraints and objectives enabled.
  • Enabled constraint for matching resource type: With this new constraint, RSO will match the resource type between requirements and resources to decide which type of resource can fulfill a requirement



  • Numerous bug fixes and telemetry enhancements as part of continuous engineering fundamental improvements 

Important Notes 

If you deploy this version of RSO with Field Service v8.x, RSO doesn’t support Pool, Facility, Crew scheduling scenarios, please ensure: 

  • Exclude Pool and Crew types of resources from bookable resource view(s), which are used for optimization scope. 
  • Exclude Pool and Crew types of resource requirement from bookable resource view(s), which are used for optimization scope (or set “Scheduling Method” to “Do Not Optimize”). 

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Feifei Qiu 

Program Manager  

Dynamics 365, Field Service Team