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The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the release notes for LCS (October 2018, release 2).


Updates to the Performance troubleshooting tool in Lifecycle Services

We have made some improvements to the performance troubleshooting tools available under SQL Insights in the Environment Monitoring dashboard in LCS:

Live View is the default page under SQL Insights since that gives you a view of what is currently going on in your environment.

  • Added collapsible tabs for the information shown under Live View to make consuming executing statements and blocking statements easier.
  • Fixed the issue causing the “Get Currently Running” query to time out for many customers.
  • We have most queries that run synchronously while few others that run asynchronously especially if that query is known to take longer to fetch the data. However, if your environment is having a performance issue or in some cases if it is taking longer to fetch the results running the query synchronously could cause the query time out. To help you get the data, we have added a new button called ‘Use Fast query’. When you toggle this button off, the query is executed asynchronously and will most likely not result in a timeout.
  • Added a link to the documentation from the Queries and Actions tab.

Schedule multiple Database Refresh requests

Based on customer feedback, we have enabled the ability to schedule multiple Database Refresh service requests in advance.  This supports scenarios such as scheduling a copy of Production data to your Sandbox Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the upcoming week.  Signoff is still required before another refresh on the same environment can be started. 

Start/Stop buttons will not be available during servicing operations

Starting/stopping the environment during an on-going servicing operation could have a negative impact on the environment state. To ensure a more reliable update flow, start and stop buttons on a Tier1 or Tier 2+ Sandbox environments will not be available starting with this release.

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