Release Notes for Universal Resource Scheduling, November 2018, (UR 2)

Applies to Universal Resource Scheduling solution (version 3.2.0.xx), Field Service application (version 8.2.x.xx), Project Service Automation application (version 3.2.0.xx) On Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x)

We’re pleased to announce the latest update to Universal Resource Scheduling, powering the Customer Service, Field Service, and Project Service Automation applications for Dynamics 365. This release includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability, and is based on your feedback and requests.

This release is compatible with Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps version 9.x. To update to this release, visit the Admin Center for Dynamics 365 online solutions page to install the update. For details, refer to How to update a preferred solution.


  • Resources associated to facilities will no longer return in onsite schedule assistant searches. This prevents customers from accidentally scheduling a resource that should be stationed at a facility from going to a customer location.
  • Resources that are not associated or related to a facility will no longer return in facility searches. Currently, when a resource is setup to work at a facility through an association or as a child resource of a facility pool, or as a child resource of a pool that has an association to a facility, URS does not account for travel to the facility. Therefore, only resources set to work at a facility will return in facility searches.
  • When using the schedule assistant to schedule a requirement group, if the requirement‘s work location is set to facility, and there are no options selected under the “part of same” attribute, the search will execute as if part of same “Resource Tree” is selected.
  • Saving a filter on the schedule board now shows a green confirmation checkmark instead of a yellow warning symbol.
  • Warning message will now be displayed when trying to change the latitude or longitude field on a booking.
  • Added validation to check that if a resource is associated to a facility, then it should not be allowed to be a child resource of a pool associated to a facility or facility pool for the same timeframe.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: If a booking has the work location field set to location agnostic, the booking will be treated as location agnostic even if there is a latitude and longitude value on the booking.
  • Fixed: Issue with schedule board list view refreshing when changing between hourly and daily.
  • Fixed: When searching for a resource in the resource search bar on the schedule board list view, if no resources can be found, the board properly removes all resources.
  • Fixed: Issue dragging a requirement from the map to the schedule board while using Firefox browser.
  • Fixed: Changing “derive capacity” field on a pool resource from no to yes now triggers the calendar to be calculated based on the child resources of the pool.
  • Fixed: Issues when changing between horizontal and vertical schedule board while in split view.
  • Fixed: Issue loading schedule board with many explicitly saved resources.
  • Fixed: Resource’s location is now properly taken from the facility it is associated to.
  • Fixed: When using a language that reads from right to left, the resource name is now properly rendered on the schedule board.
  • Fixed: When launching the schedule assistant from a schedulable entity, the user now lands back on the same form after clicking book and exit.
  • Fixed: Schedule board no longer shows a resource with a capacity greater than 1 as available all day.
  • Fixed: When booking a requirement group using the schedule assistant, the booking status dropdown now properly filters to the booking statuses for that schedulable entity. To learn more about using different statuses for different schedulable entities, here is a previous blog post.
  • Fixed: Issues loading requirement group control in Edge browser.
  • Fixed: When using the schedule assistant to schedule a requirement group for a facility, there is no longer a travel time conflict between the facility and the resources.
  • Fixed: Double booking option in schedule assistant on daily, weekly, and monthly boards now properly books the resource even if the resource has no remaining capacity.
  • Fixed: Appointment schedule board settings are now generated properly.
  • Fixed: Issues in certain scenarios where the schedule board had issues loading in Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed: “Supplied DateTime represents an invalid time” error.
  • Fixed: Error message when scheduling a single requirement to a crew resource.


Author –

Dan Gittler

Principal PM Manager, Dynamics 365 Engineering