Release Notes for Field Service Version

Applies to: Field Service version on Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement version 9.x

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Field Service enhancements (v8.4.0.338)


  • Classic Entitlement functionality is now extended to support Field Service related scenarios. Use Entitlements against Work Order to drive highly specific auto-application of entitlements for specialized pricing behaviors on Work Order Products and Services.
  • Control Agreement’s Record Generation Time. Allows organizations to ensure that Work Order and Invoice generation from Agreements occurs at a time that is least disruptive.
  • Introduced a new entity called Customer Asset Category which enables classification of Assets in a way that is meaningful to the business.
  • Field Service ships the initial set of Field Service Health rules that run in the Solution Health Hub to help an organization self-diagnose and resolve potential problems.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Plugin validation in WorkOrderOperation.cs ValidateSubStatus is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Enable Disable WorkFlowsAndPlugins is failing for all the stages of the upgrade.
  • Fixed: Dispatcher role does not have required privilege to edit agreement booking setup owned by another user.
  • Fixed: Enable ‘Pass execution context’ on all event handlers.
  • Fixed: Unnecessary update of the amount fields on deactivate/delete of Work Order Product.
  • Fixed: Xrm.Internal.createPerformanceStopwatch not available from Web Client.
  • Fixed: While calling geocode on the save of a record, check if the field is present in the form, see repro steps for detail.
  • Fixed: Work Order’s related Requirement Duration is unchanged by additional Work Order Service Tasks with Duration when a Work Order Incident is present.


Field Service Mobile enhancements (v11.2)

  • Background location sharing
  • Oauth/Multi-factor Authentication
  • Support for logging in with users who have AAD guest accounts via Oauth
  • Navigation drop-down for tab navigation for the new form UI on Windows and Android/iOS tablet form factors


Connected Field Service enhancements


  • Simulated field on IoTDevice: IoTDevice entity now includes an additional field to indicate whether the device is simulated for testing and development purposes, or if it’s a real device used in implementation. It is highly recommended to populate this field for any existing IoTDevice records. If you are using Dynamics 365 with Azure IoT Central, this field will be automatically populated upon receiving incoming alerts.
  • ‘Send Command’ button has now been enabled for cases and workorders if there is an associated IoTAlert. This will allow dispatchers to remotely send IoT commands directly in context of an existing case or workorder screen. The button was previously titled ‘Create Command’ on IoTAlert, IoTDevice and Customer Asset entities.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Deployment app used by Connected Field Services for Azure IoT Hub failed to deploy Azure resources for non-English organizations.



Jason Cohen, Eamon O’Brien, & Girish Raja

Program Managers

Dynamics 365 Engineering