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The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the release notes for LCS (March 2019, release 1).

Maintenance mode for sandbox and production environments

With this release of LCS, we are happy to announce the general availability of a self-service action to turn maintenance mode ON/OFF directly from LCS on your sandbox and production environments. For details on how to use this feature, see Maintenance Mode.

Changes to production deployment flow

We have seen many instances where customers need to change their estimate after the production deployment request has been submitted. However, they are unable to do so as the production slot is queued for deployment and activating a new estimate is not allowed. To help unblock this flow, starting with this release, the project owner and environment manager will be able to clear the sign off for the environment even after the environment has been queued for deployment. This will cancel the deployment and enable you to activate a new estimate, if needed to make the relevant changes.

BPM user interface improvements

To support feature parity between the BPM user interface and the legacy user interface before the legacy interface is removed, the following features are enabled in the new BPM experience:

  • Visio attachment indicator –  If there’s a Visio diagram attached to a business process, there will be a Visio icon added as a visual cue.
  • Reviewed By and Reviewed At – After a process is marked as reviewed, the reviewer’s name will appear in the Reviewed by field and the reviewed date/time appear in the Reviewed At field.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel – Exporting processes from a BPM library will be supported from the new BPM user interface.

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