Configuring LCS for monthly Platform updates

Last month, we announced the availability of new features in Lifecycle Services (LCS) that would enable you to configure when you get updates to your production environment and how you can pause an update if you’re unable to take the update due to a critical business activity. At that time these features were only available to customers using version 8.1 and above. However, starting today these features will also be available to customers that are using version 7.3. For customers that are on 7.3, we will update their sandbox and production environments to the latest Platform update each month. For customers that are on version 7.1, 7.2 and 8.0, you can apply the latest platform update manually using the servicing flows. With the features now available in LCS, you will be able to do the following:

  • Configure whether to get Platform updates for your production environment in the first, second, or third week of the month and in what time zone.
  • Pause updates through LCS if you are unable to take the update. You can pause a maximum of 2 continuous updates. However, if you are more than 2 releases behind, then you will not be allowed to pause updates. For example, if you are on Update 23 and the currently available platform update is Update 25, then you will be able to pause. But if you are on Update 22, then you will not be allowed to pause.
  • Get notified about upcoming service updates through LCS.


For more details, visit the ONE Version FAQ.