Release Notes for Project Service Automation Update Release 15, V2.4.12.11

Applies to: Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365  

We’re pleased to announce the latest update for the Project Service Automation application for Dynamics 365. This release includes bug fixes. 

This release is compatible with Dynamics 365 9.x. To update to this release, visit the Admin Center for Dynamics 365 online, solutions page to install the update. For details, refer How to Install, Update a Preferred Solution 

 Project Service Automation (V2.4.12.11) 

Bug Fixes  

  • Fixed: Update Prices on Project Estimates breaks Project Labor Tracking Remaining Hours. 
  • Fixed: Potassium: Move bookings does not work as expected in some timezones. 
  • Fixed: Missing “Submit Request” and “Recall Request” buttons on Resource Requirement sub-grid. 
  • Fixed: Clicking Account Manager in new Quote\Contract throws unexpected error. 


Project Service Automation Team  

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