Dynamics 365 Import update for December 2018

We’ve heard our customers and are making the required changes to help them import their assets without any restrictions when using the PC option.

Unclamping limits on Assets imported using PC

We heard from many of our customers that they wanted the ability to import large assets without having to process them through the cloud and use them directly in the Layout application to create new layouts.

With this update to the import tool, users can bring in self- authored GLB files without any restrictions and seamlessly transfer it to a HoloLens device or Windows Mixed Reality VR headset for usage with the Layout application.

However, users must note that importing complex assets may lead to performance issues such as a drastic drop in frame rates while attempting to load the asset through the Layout application. Additionally, users may experience frequent crashing of the Layout application while attempting to view multiple complex models simultaneously. We are continuing to improve these stability issues for a future release.

Import Tool Avesta


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