Upcoming changes to the update tiles in Lifecycle Services (LCS)

We want to notify you about the changes we’re making to the Lifecycle Services (LCS) update tiles for One Version environments . This change is planned to be released in the July 2019 update of LCS.

There will be a new update experience when taking updates from the environment detail page for environment running on v8.1 and later.

Currently, when taking updates from LCS environment detail page, there’s one single update tile to get the latest cumulative update version generally available.

The following changes will be included in the new LCS update experience –

  • Choose the version of updates available to your environment.  In the new update experience, instead of having one update tile for the latest cumulative update, you’ll have the option to take quality update or take a new release generally available.
  • Quality update includes the fixes available to your current version.  Quality update is available to environments that are running on the same version of the current service update, or is one version older than the current service update.
  • New release includes the current service update version automatically applied to customer environments based on the LCS project update settings. Service update is available if your environment has not updated to the current service update version.
  • New release may also include the upcoming service update version that’s made generally available.  Upcoming service update is available for self-update approximately 2 week before the auto-update schedule starts.

This change does not impact existing One Version service update policy, and the LCS update for One Version continues to provide the cumulative updates.

If your environment is on an earlier versions such as 8.0 or 7.x, there will be no change with your LCS update tile experience.